My process deals with a desire to at once illuminate upon and bridge the divide between nature and culture. I am interested in the possibilities of creating a conjunction between the raw and the processed while attempting to explore the relationship between my experiences of the urban and the natural environment. My work occupies a space uncovered through my constant journeying from one world to another, wherein I am observing myself moving between nature and culture.

There is a kind of a dialogue I find when such two seemingly distinct worlds are bridged. I articulate this dialogue in minimalistic forms, rendered through a variety of mixed media that incorporate both the found and the 'organic' with man-made objects. In my Scape-Fossil series, I have constructed what I consider to be time capsules that bare traces of memory, similar to pages of a kind of visual diary. Each capsule, so to speak, can appear to constitute autonomous fossilized perceptions of nature and culture. In their totality, the numerous capsules can be assembled to encompass a larger Scape-Fossil. Therefore, this work captures a sense-memory of space and time that is a personal reflection on my journeys between nature and culture.






  • Born Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea, 1941

  • BFA, Seoul National University, Fine Arts College, Seoul, Korea, I960

  • The Brooklyn Museum Art School, New York (Max Beckmann Memorial Scholarship), 1973

  • MFA, New York University. New York. NY, 1993

Awards and Grants

  • Kim, Se Joong Sculpture Award, 2010

  • The Pollock - Krasner Foundation, 2007

  • Woo-Kyung Foundation of Art Award, 1998

  • Fund from the NYS Council on the Arts, 1994

  • Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, "Space Program" Grant, 1991-2

Solo Exhibitions

2017 Hyundai Gallery, <Monochromatic Thinking> Seoul, Korea

2015 Korea Society Gallery, <Void> New York, NY

2014 Wumin Art Center, <In Between> Cheongju, Korea

2012  National Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art, <Luna, and Her Thousand Reflections> Gwacheon, Korea

2011  Shin Sea Gae Gallery, <Pond II - Spider, Dichotomy and Threads> Busan, Korea

2010  Hakgojae Gallery, <Wall In Chun Gang> Seoul, Korea

2009  Chang Art Gallery, <Ma Dang> Beijing, China

2008  Atelier - 705, Seoul, Korea

2006  Asian American Arts Centre, <Vanishing - Scape - Fan> New York, NY

2005  Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2000  Sabina Lee Gallery, <Habitual Habitat> Los Angeles, CA

1999  Samsung Museum of Modern Art and Rodin Gallery, <Light Hunting> Seoul, Korea

1997  Kukje Gallery, <Mending with Thread and Soil> Seoul, Korea

1995  Sandra Gering Gallery, <Fossilscape> New York, NY

1994  Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1993  Flushing Council on Culture & the Arts, <Chu-ma> New York, NY

          Neuberger Museum of Art, <Other Visions> Purchase, NY

1992  Dorothy Goldeen Gallery, <Well-Ant Hill> Los Angeles, CA

1991  Sandra Gering Gallery, <Reversed Tent> New York, NY

1989  Kukje Gallery, <Human Habitat> Seoul, Korea

           Sandra Gering Gallery, <Hylozoism-Painting and Wooden Assemblages> New York, NY

1986  LA. International Contemporary Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA

1981  Won Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1980  United States International Communications Agency, American Embassy Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea

           O.K. Harris Gallery, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2016  Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery, <Luminescence> New York, NY

2011  Dubner Moderne Galerie D'Art, <Scope Basel> Basel, Switzerland

           Dubner Moderne Galerie D'Art, <Art Paris> Paris, France

           Museum of Contemporary Art, <Tell Me Tell Me> Sydney, Australia

           Shoes or Not Shoes Museum, Kruishoutem, Belgium

2008  "The Points of Compass," Havana, Cuba

2005  The Armory Show, Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, USA
            “New York Eviction Blues,” Asian American Arts Center, New York, USA
            “Beyond Acculturation,” Tenri Cultural Institute, New York, USA
            “Perspectives on Asian Contemporary Art,” New York Asian Women's Center art auction, Art Projects International (API)                         Gallery, New York, USASandra Gering Gallery, <The Armory Show> New York, NY

           Asian American Arts Center, <New York Eviction Blues> New York, NY

           Tenri Cultural Institute, <Beyond Acculturation> New York, NY

           Art Projects International Gallery, <Perspectives on Asian Contemporary Art> New York. NY

2003  Asian American Arts Center, <Below Canal September, 11 2002> New York, NY

           Smithsonian International Gallery, <Dreams and Reality> Washington, DC

           Art Projects International <Marking> New York, NY

           Korean Culturan Service <At the Crossroads> New York, NY

           Space World Gallery, New York, NY

2002  Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, <Artists to Artists> New York, NY

2000  National Museum of Contemporary Art, <A Passage for a New Millennium> Kwacheon, Korea

           <Gurim Village Project I, The 1st Earth Festival> Young-am, Korea

1999  Seoul Museum of Art, <Seoul in Media - Lumia of Century> Seoul, Korea

1997  Africus Institute for Contemporary Art, <2nd Johannesburg Biennale> Johannesburg, South Africa

           <2nd Kwangju Biennale< Kwangju, Korea

           Smithsonian Institution, <Hirshhorn Collection: Recent Acquisitions 1992-96> Hirshhorn Museum, Washington, DC

           Exit Art, <Eye of the Tiger> New York, NY

           Queens Museum, <Queens Artists: Highlights of the 20th Century> New York, NY

1996  Asian American Arts Center, <Passion and Compassion> New York, NY

1995  Gallery Cornelius-Hertz, <Contemporary Art of Korea '95> Bremen, Germany

           Grace Borgenicht Gallery, New York, NY

           Museo Civico, Taverna, Italy

1994  Multiple Parts, Dorothy Goldeen Gallery, Venice, CA

1993  Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, NY

           ISE Art foundation, <Semblances> New York, NY

           Whanki Museum, Seoul, Korea

           Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

1992  Museo Civico, <Nella natura I'origine dell'arte> Taverna, Italy

           Museum of the City of New York, <A World Together: Korean Art from Seoul, Paris and New York> New York, NY

           Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, New York, NY

1991  Museo de Arte Moderno, <Art Contemporanea de Corea> Mexico City, Mexico

           Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, <Korean Contemporary Art> Kyungjoo, Korea

           Organization of Independent Artists, <Selections from the Slide File> New York, NY

           Centro Museografico, < Nel Piu' Ampio Cerchio> Taverna, Italy

           Simmonson Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

           Ho-am Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

           Marie Walsh Sharp Art Foundation, <Inauguration of the Space Program> New York, NY

           Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition, <Bare Bones> Brooklyn, NY

1990  Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, NY

1988  University of Hawaii Art Gallery, <International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition> traveling exhibition

1987  Foundation Whanki des Arts Plastiques-Centre National, Paris, France

1986  Thorpe Intermedia Gallery, <Korea / New York '86>Sparkill, New York

1985  Organization of Independent Artists, <Not just Black and White> New York, NY

1983  Queens Museum, <Annual Juried Exhibition '83> New York, NY

           <Exchange Exhibition of Korean & Japanese Contemporary Art> traveling exhibition, 5 major cities, Japan

           Power Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia

1982  National Museum of Contemporary Art, <The Works of Korean Artists Abroad> Seoul, Korea

           Korean Cultural Service, <First Annual Invitational: Current Korean-American Sensibilities> New York, NY

1981  Equitable Gallery, <International Art Exhibition> New York, NY

           Brooklyn Museum and Smithsonian Institute Traveling Exhibition Service, <Korean Drawing Now>

                      New York, NY and Washington, DC

1980  Queens Museum, <Annual Juried Exhibition '80> New York, NY

           Grey Gallery, <4th Annual Small Works Competition> New York, NY

           Whanki Foundation Gallery, <Whanki et leunes> Paris, France

1978  Organization of Independent Artists, Bologna, Italy and New York, NY

1971  "Korea News Grand Prize Exhibition," Seoul, Korea

1968  "Engagement," Seoul, Korea

1967  Korean Fine Arts Association, Seoul, Korea

Selected Public Collections

  • National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, Australia

  • Kyung Gi-Do Museum, Kyunggi, Korea

  • Shoes or not Shoes Museum, Kruishoutem, Belgium

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

  • Hirshhorn Museum: The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC

  • Samsung Museum of Modern Art, Seoul, Korea

  • Sandra Gering Gallery, New York, NY

  • Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea

  • National Museum of Contemporary Art, Kwacheon, Korea

  • Henie Onstad Museum, Oslo, Norway

  • Power Institute of Fine Arts, Sydney, Australia

  • Prudential Insurance Co., New York, NY

  • Whanki Foundation, New York, NY and Paris, France

  • Musee Whanki, Seoul, Korea

  • Won Gallery, Seoul, Korea

  • Centro Museografico, Taverna, Italy

  • Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyungjoo, Korea

  • Ho-am Gallery, Seoul, Korea

  • Ilshin Spinning Co., Seoul, Korea

  • Space World Gallery, New York, NY

  • Asian American Arts Center, New York, NY

Selected Private Collections

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ken Marks, Potomac, MD

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Solon, New York, NY

  • Mr. and Mrs. Miles Stuchin, New York, NY

  • Dr. and Mrs. David Rabinowitz, Kings Point, NY

  • Mr. Nam June Paik, New York, NY

Teaching Experience

1999-2000  Visiting Professor, Studio Art, Fine An Dept., The Korean National University of Ans, Seoul, Korea

1997  Visiting Professor, Studio Art, Fine An Dept., Seoul National University Graduate School, Seoul, Korea

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